70 Beautiful Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2022

Flowers are one of mother nature’s most beautiful gifts, so it only makes sense that we want to enhance our beautiful selves with these specimens. Flower tattoos are so gorgeous and they really provide us with the opportunity to express ourselves visually. 

But before you go and get your own flower tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking flower tattoo ideas of 2022. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.


Fineline Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Inner Biceps

The delicate feel of this floral design is created with Fineline style. With just thin lines and no color there’s no need for extra details. This is where you can just let the flowers do the “talking”.

Black and Gray Floral Tattoos on Woman’s Collarbones

Black and Gray style is used to create these beautiful floral tattoos. With thin black lines and subtle shading a light airy feel is imparted to the design. This delicate feel is further enhanced by the gentle sweep of the branches over each collarbone. No jewelry needed with this LBD.

Minimal Custom Design Flower Tattoo on Woman’s Triceps

Who wouldn’t want a bouquet of Alyssum flowers all tied up with cherry-red ribbon. True to Minimal style, the sweet dainty feel of the blossoms is enhanced by the simplicity of the design. Nothing more is needed to represent immortal love as Alyssums do.

Watercolor Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

Imagine being able to admire flowers anytime you’d like. These flowers are brought to life with the Watercolor style. The beautiful pastels seem to have been painted right on the skin. Beyond their beauty, the pinkish-purple Gladiolus symbolizes strength and victory. It’s also an August flower. The purple Lavender, with its calming scent, is often used in aromatherapy to promote a sense of serenity, grace and calm. Ahh – just what we all need.

Fine Line Peony Tattoo on Woman’s Sternum and Underboob

This Peony flower tattoo creates an instant focus. Centered over the sternum it quietly draws all eyes here. Using only thin black lines characteristic of Fineline style, the Peonies appear so delicate. They do in fact often symbolize bashfulness, romance and marriage.

Watercolor Forget-Me-Nots and Lotus Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

Splashes of pastel colors are “painted” with spills flowing outside the lines; no formality, no rules – just a beautiful creation. The blue and aqua Forget-Me-Nots symbolize just that:“ Don’t Forget Me” or True Love. The pink Lotus is a beautiful flower despite growing in muddy or swamp waters. With the closing or disappearance of its blossoms each night, it miraculously blooms again each morning. The Lotus – the perfect symbol for rebirth and enlightenment.

Realistic Color Lily Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

While the petals of the Lily adorn the shoulder, the slender leaves and stem then gracefully follow the length of the arm. Elegant. The Realistic style employed here uses fine lines, contrast and shading. When color is added to the mix, a wide range of tones and even white ink is added. You can see this in the shading of the Lily which makes it look so real. Keep in mind that different colored Lilies have different meanings. This purple one symbolizes First Love.

Black and Gray Sunflower Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Back

Moving up the spine, this design symbolically follows the blossoming of the Sunflower. Always seeking light, the Sunflower will actually turn to face the sun. Sunflowers eternally symbolize purity, loyalty and longevity.

Japanese Black and Gray Style Red Spider Lily Tattoo on Woman’s Ribs

The Red Spider Lily is dramatically beautiful in nature as well as in this tattoo. Using only black ink and tones of gray, a highly stylized modern design is achieved. The Red Spider Lily is a summer flower native to large parts of Asia. It’s typically associated with “goodbyes” and thus also with death and funerals. In ancient Buddhist writings it’s said that the Red Spider Lily guided the dead through the cycle of rebirth. Today though these flowers are often used for decoration without any associated symbolism. In any case I love this tattoo.

Linework Lily Tattoo on Woman’s Biceps

There are definitely skeleton hands holding the flowers. The black lines provide detail and a unique vibe to the hands. I’m not sure what the overall design signifies but I’m sure that the person who chose it certainly does.

Geometric and Watercolor Red Poppy Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Back

Just like an artist with a brush, this Red Poppy appears to have been “painted” on with Watercolors. Positioned right in the middle of the back, it appears to be the star of the show. The arrows may lead outwards but all eyes all drawn to the Red Poppy. No one is going to forget you as the Red Poppy is symbolic of Remembrance.

Beautiful Floral Tattoo on Back of Arm

It doesn’t matter how good a tattoo is if it doesn’t fit the body part its placed on. This tattoo is a perfect example of tattoo going really well with its body part. The long, tall design fits perfectly along this woman’s triceps.

Neo Traditional Peony Tattoo on Woman’s Collarbones and Chest

Peonies can be associated with bashfulness –  but not these peonies. Inked in the muted red color associated with Neo Traditional style, the heavy black inking makes a very bold statement. In China Peonies symbolize prosperity and honor; here they look fit for royalty. 

Watercolor Poppy Tattoo on Woman’s Triceps

Ask any artist and they’ll tell you that Watercolors are very difficult to paint; real skill and artistry are needed. The same is true with Watercolor style tattoos. It’s hard to miss the beautiful shading of the Poppies created here by “painting” the skin. Maybe this bouquet was a gift from someone you’ll always remember as Red Poppies do in fact symbolize remembrance.

Black and Gray White Linework Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Side of Stomach

Spring is in the air; that’s when birds are attracted to Cherry Blossoms. In this design, white ink is used along with the blacks and grays of – what else – the Black and Gray style The Cherry Blossom or Sakura, the national flower of Japan, represents optimism and a time of renewal. It represent the end of winter and beginning of spring. As Cherry Blossoms bloom for only a very short time they also symbolize the transience of life. Luckily here they’ll last a lifetime.

Watercolor Lavender Tattoo on Woman’s Wrist and Hand

I love the gracefulness of this design; the lavender effortlessly draping over the wrist and hand. This graceful movement is accented by the use of Watercolor style. Lavender itself also enhances this feel. Think of its use in Aromatherapy to promote feelings of calmness, peace and yes grace.

Black and Gray Orchid Tattoo on Woman’s Shoulder

Orchids are often characterized by beautiful colors – from pinks and purples, to blues and greens, to reds and oranges. Here though they’re devoid of any color yet are stunning nonetheless. Only black ink is used which is then watered down to produce the tones of gray. The Orchid, a symbol of refined beauty, is the perfect star of this design which in itself is an example of refined beauty.

Wildflowers and Daisy Watercolor Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Back

This woman’s back is adorned by a beautiful field of Wildflowers. Muted pastel Watercolors highlight each flower, each leaf and even the Daisy with its soft yellow center. It’s not surprising that the Daisy and Wildflowers are paired. Wildflowers symbolize joy and happiness. Although the Daisy is not specifically known for this, it appears to have a cheery little face. The Daisy specifically represents innocence and purity. It’s also associated with new beginnings like Motherhood.

Minimal Aster Tattoo on Woman’s Biceps

A solitary Aster blossom is all that’s needed to make a statement. Use of the Minimal Style creates a design consisting of only the Aster’s basic components; no embellishment. This aligns with Victorian culture which attributed daintiness and charm to the Aster. In Greek mythology, the Aster represented true love and was placed at the altars of the gods.

White Line with Black and Gray Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Forearm

This exquisite design combines Black and Gray style with White Line style. Thin black inking outlines each Cherry Blossom while gray and white shading adds beautiful detail and contrast. Although shaded in a darker gray tone, the background is equally soft; only punctuated by the heavier ink of the stems. The Cherry Blossoms are the perfect protagonist for this design. In Japan Cherry Blossoms traditionally symbolize gentleness and kindness while in China they symbolize feminine beauty. No doubt about it; this is a beautiful tattoo made even more beautiful by the presentation of the sphere as two floating halves.

Japanese Color Peony on Woman’s Hip and Lower Back

Japanese tattoos are usually big and bold and this Peony is no exception. Holding center stage, it’s highlighted with black outlines and red ink that’s hard to miss. That’s good as in Japan red symbolizes happiness while flowers symbolize perseverance.

Rose Watercolor Tattoo on Woman’s Shoulder

The muted dark pink color of this Rose is applied in Watercolor style. Here the colors are “painted” on in a precise manner with all the subtlety seen in nature. Roses have come to symbolize many different things; their meaning though is associated with their specific color. This dark pink Rose symbolizes gratitude.

Realistic Color Sunflower Tattoo with Mandala on Woman’s Arm

The repeating patterns of the Mandala, here inked in black, represent the cosmos and symmetry of the universe. As such it’s often been used as an aid in meditation. The peaceful feel of the Mandala is in contrast to the Sunflower. Bright and bold, it’s inked in Realistic Color style and almost looks like it was pasted over the Mandala. Maybe the Sunflower, which always turns to the light of the sun, is a metaphor for the path to enlightenment. Sunflowers today symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity.

Japanese Black and Gray Chrysanthemum Tattoo on Forearm

The bold black outlines, gray shading and size over the forearm all impart a significance to this Chrysanthemum. That’s not unexpected in Japanese style as the Chrysanthemum is the national symbol of Japan. Each year it’s even honored during the Festival of Happiness. Why all this significance for the Chrysanthemum? In Japan the Chrysanthemum is symbolic of immortality.

Minimal Chinese Forget-Me-Nots Tattoo Underboob

What a pretty tattoo; just like having a watercolor painted on your skin. The location affords the perfect space for the branch while fine lines and pastels impart a sense of lightness and femininity. Of course you can’t ignore the very pretty Chinese Forget-Me-Nots. Blueish-purpleish in color, they are symbolic of True Love. Renaissance romantics even believed that if you wore them you would always be remembered by your lover. Now that would be nice.

X-Ray Poppy Tattoo on Woman’s Spine

Love, Love, Love this tattoo! It’s another absolutely stunning example of X-ray style. The resulting transparency lets you see right through the petals. It even looks like they’re gently moving – like someone gently disturbed them with a kiss. I think that kiss would continue right down the spine following the graceful lines of the stem. The Poppy is symbolic of remembrance and it’s a given no one is going to forget you with this tattoo. Beautiful and Very Sexy

Custom X-ray Color with Realistic Black and Gray Flower Tattoo on Forearm

This custom forearm tattoo gets your immediate attention. After all the lightbulb is a new take on a vase. Artistic use of Black and Gray style is on display too. The black stem of the Azalea stands in contrast to the white petals of the Daisy. With the use of gray shading the water even seems to be swirling around. Pairing these two flowers together is a nice touch. The Azalea symbolizes womanhood and family while the Daisy symbolizes innocence, love and purity. 

Black and Gray Rose Tattoo on Woman’s Collarbone

Like a corsage, this Black and Gray style tattoo adorns the collarbone. With the use of only black ink and gray tones it’s super-sophisticated and very modern. This is a nice twist to the typical color palette of floral designs. So what does this Rose symbolize? Although different color Roses are symbolic of different things, a Rose of any color will always symbolize Love.

Japanese Brush Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Forearm

With bold “brush strokes” of black ink and precise color application to the Cherry Blossoms, this tattoo looks like a Japanese Watercolor painting. The forearm provides a perfect canvas with its surface and curves dictating the outlines of the design. As Cherry Blossoms bloom for only a very short time they symbolize the transience of life. Luckily here they’ll last a lifetime.

X-ray and Color Lotus Tattoo on Woman’s Shoulder Blade

X-Ray style tattoos are among my favorite. Seemingly able to see through them, a translucency is achieved making them extremely dream-like. The hints of muted color and “movement” of the petals similarly emphasize this light feel. The blossoms of the Lotus flower close at sunset only to blossom once again at sunrise; like awakening from a dream. Symbolizing rebirth and enlightenment, the Lotus flower survives despite the muddy waters where it makes its home.

Minimal Fine Line Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

With Minimal Fine Line style, thin black lines are used with no extra detail or embellishment. Rather the design is deconstructed into its most basic components. The delicate flowers here are suggestive of Bluebells. With their bell-shaped blossoms, Bluebells are symbolic of both kindness and gratitude,

Realist Color Lily Tattoo on Underboob

These Lilies are brought to life with the use of Realistic Color style. Using a multiple of color shades and white ink, exquisite shading is created. This is especially on display in the petals. The Pink Lily symbolizes love, femininity and admiration.


Watercolor Snapdragon Tattoo on Woman’s Biceps

It might be hard to see but the top of this Snapdragon points towards the shoulder. The stem then extends down to the forearm. Beautiful detail is achieved suggestive of a Watercolor painting. The pretty lilac is accented with black ink creating delicate shading. There’s contradictory symbolism associated with the Snapdragon: strength, fascination and deception – and then again here maybe it’s just a pretty flower.

Woman’s Upper Arm Half-Sleeve Realistic Black and Gray Sunflower Tattoo

Even without color this field of sunflowers pops. Black ink alone is used then watered down to create gray tones imparting a realism to the design. You can almost hear the chirping of the birds. These sunflowers will be a constant reminder of purity and loyalty which they symbolize.

Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Forearm

Looks like there’s a floral cuff adorning this woman’s upper forearm. The thin black lines and gray shading impart a delicate feel to the design. It’s as pretty as any jewelry and guaranteed to stay in place.

Woman’s Custom Design Full Black with Color Rose Tattoo

Doesn’t this look like a piece of fabric; especially with the Full Black style background? It actually has the same detail and motif you’d see on a dress. The muted shades of red bring the Rose to life while the Cherry Blossoms look so delicate against the black background. The Rose of course symbolizes Love and this indeed is lovely.


Realistic Watercolor Peony and Red Spider Lily Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Thigh and Hip

When using color, the Realistic style will introduce a wide range of tones; even going all the way to white ink. The star of this tattoo, the Peony flower, beautifully illustrates this. Inked in Watercolor style, the artist uses contrasting shades of blue along with white. True to the Realistic style there’s great use of shading in the leaves. The Peony typically symbolizes bashfulness, romance and marriage. The Red Spider Lilies are associated with “goodbyes’, even death. Maybe this is just a beautiful design devoid of symbolization. It’s good to remember though what symbols might be associated with your design choice.

Black and Gray Floral Tattoo with Jelly Fish on Woman’s Arm

Black and Gray style uses only black ink that’s then watered down to create tones of gray. These tones are used for shading bringing this field of flowers alive. It’s always nice to have a design conform to the body part where it’s inked. Here the jellyfish perfectly follows the contours of the shoulder. It looks like a Flower Hat Jellyfish too so it looks like it found its perfect home.

Realistic Color Frangipani Tattoo

The delicate beauty of the Frangipani flower is captured in this tattoo. With the Realistic Color style, varying shades of color as well as white ink are used. Here you can see the very subtle shading of the blossoms. Shading is also seen in the leaves further detailed by the use of thin black lines and tones of gray. Different cultures have ascribed different meanings to the Frangipani. In South India it’s a wedding flower perhaps because for many it symbolizes intense, everlasting love. Alternatively the Frangipani is associated with the strength to withstand tough challenges. The plant must be heated to 500 degrees F to catch fire. Swahili poets use it as a symbol of love while Buddhist and Hindu followers consider it a sign of immortality. In any case it’s beautiful.

Black and Gray Rose Tattoo on Forearm

Pretty roses offset the moon and its dangling feather ornaments. Somehow it all works together. With nothing but black ink and gray tones, these roses still invoke all the color and beauty associated with them which of course is Love.

Realistic Watercolor Rose and Peony Leg Sleeve

Roses and Peonies encircling your leg from toe to thigh – Yes! This beautifully designed leg sleeve accents the beautiful lines and curves of this particular leg. A Perfect Match. With expert shading associated with the Realistic style and the muted colors associated with Watercolor style, the flowers look like they were just picked. Were the Roses and Peonies chosen because of their beauty? Perhaps but it’s interesting to note that Red Roses symbolize true love while Peonies symbolize bashfulness, romance and marriage.

Realistic Color Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

No need for a bouquet when you have flowers right on your forearm. Fine lines, contrast, shading and color are used to realistically bring the Lavender, Lilies and Forget-Me-Nots to life. The blues, reds, purple and orange are vibrant while being muted.. I think the purple would have been a better choice for the central flower. What do you think?

Minimal Single Line Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Biceps

If you look closely you can see that this tattoo is inked with a single continuous thin black line. This is of course Minimal Single Line style currently so popular with the Insta-crowd. The “Less is More” approach accentuates the delicate feel of the flower. Even without its cheery yellow color we know it’s a Daffodil. These pretty flowers symbolize “New Beginnings”; from a new job, to a new home, to a new puppy.

Woman’s Floral Wrist-band Tattoo with Color and Black and Gray

It’s clear this woman loves florals; checkout her dress. So it’s no surprise that she’d want to adorn her wrist with beautiful flowers too. The petals and leaves come to life with the use of pretty pinks, greens and white ink. Black ink and tones of gray then create the outline of the corsage. They’re both also used for the ornamental detail peeking out onto the hand. A nice added touch

Realistic Color Orchid Tattoo on Top of Woman’s Forearm

Beautiful shading and the use of white ink are used to make these Orchids come alive. What’s interesting is the symbolism inherent in the design. While Pink Orchids represent fertility and innocence, the Red Orchid represents fire, passion and desire. Opposing pulls? Maybe or perhaps qualities that go hand-in-hand.

Japanese Color Red Spider Lily Tattoo on Woman’s Upper back

The Red Spider Lily is so dramatic it deserves to be a solo performer – and here it is. Centered right on the upper back and then extending along the spine, it creates a beautiful focal spot. The colors and spider-like appearance are truly mesmerizing. The Red Spider Lily is a summer flower native to large parts of Asia. It’s typically associated with “goodbyes” and thus also with death and funerals. In ancient Buddhist writings it’s said that the Red Spider Lily guided the dead through the cycle of rebirth. Today though these flowers are often used for decoration without any associated symbolism.

Old School Rose Tattoos on Back of Woman’s Legs

I don’t know if they’ll see you coming but they’ll definitely see you leaving. As seen here, Old School style uses bold black outlines, simple shading and simple colors; think Grandpa’s tattoo. While his was on the biceps or chest, these Roses find a new home right on the back of the legs. The Red Rose is symbolic of True Love while the Orange Rose symbolizes passion and desire.

Minimal Single Line Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Biceps

The Lily symbolizes humility, devotion, love and femininity. What better style to represent these than the understated Minimal Single Line style. With one single thin black line the entire design is created. There’s no shading, no contrast, no color. This style has become more and more popular with the Insta-crowd. Camera please

Woman’s Peony and Rose Lower Arm Half-Sleeve Old School Tattoo with Modern Colors

The bold black outlines and simple shading of Old School style are here but with a twist. Replacing the simple colors usually seen with this style are these modern pinks, reds and greens. The Dark Pink Rose symbolizes gratitude while the Peony symbolizes romance, marriage and even bashfulness. Not sure that’s the intended message here but this tattoo definitely looks cool.

Neo Traditional Rose Tattoo on Forearm

Neo Traditional style uses muted colors and shading unlike the vibrant colors associated with New School style. Case-in-point: the muted light pinks and corals of this rose along with the surrounding brown tones. The rose here symbolizes desire and passion infused with youthful energy. The dagger represents the dark side. Here, as in real life, the “light” and the “dark” often co-exist.

Dotwork Lotus Tattoo Underboob

Dotwork style with its many tiny adjacent black dots lends an air of mystery, even mysticism to this design. This in turn perfectly supports the central design element of this tattoo; the Lotus flower. The Lotus is considered to be a lucky symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism. With its ability to survive the harshest murkiest waters it’s also symbolic of enlightenment and rebirth.

New School Peony Tattoo

This is an awesome tattoo so characteristic of New School style. With the use of heavy black lines and vibrant colors, this Peony is no ‘shrinking violet”. The sliver of orange nicely offsets the burgundy and pink. The Peony flower is symbolic of humility, devotion, love and femininity making this a rather interesting style choice.

Ribs & Underboob Floral Tattoo on Black Skin

Here is such a beautiful, sexy tattoo. I like how the artist went with the fine line style, as it highlights the details of the flowers without darkening the whole piece with excessive shading. Plus I have to say this design does a great job flowing with the body.

Minimal with Watercolor Lily Tattoo on Triceps

Minimal style with its use of fine black lines and simple detailing is on display in this tattoo. Soft watercolors are then used to “paint” the flowers which seemingly float among the stars and moon. Perhaps the Orange Lily is deceptively or unknowingly used here. Symbolic of desire, passion and even hatred, its symbolism might not sync with the dreamy, light feel of this design. Regardless, the end result is very pretty.

Minimal Fine Line Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Wrist

Minimal Fineline style is perfectly used to create this delicate design. The Cherry Blossom or Sakura, the national flower of Japan, represents optimism and a time of renewal. The subtle pink pops of color represent the end of winter and beginning of spring. As Cherry Blossoms bloom for only a very short time they also symbolize the transience of life.

Large Fine Line Peony Tattoo on Woman’s Hip

This tattoo accents the hip as it intimately follows each and every curve. Your eye is drawn to the large Peony in the center. Just look how it’s inked to follow the adjacent curve. Beautiful and very, very sexy. Fineline style with its use of thin lines and minimal shading is used to create this design’s dreamy feel. Peonies can symbolize shame, bashfulness and even anger; just a reminder that sometimes the floral theme is strictly aesthetic and not meant as symbolism.

Woman’s Japanese Upper Arm Half-Sleeve Peony Tattoo

In Japanese culture the color red signifies happiness, passion and being alive. No wonder it’s used so often. The Japanese style uses large sections of the body for its designs incorporating vibrant colors and bold planes of black ink. The gorgeous Peony flowers seen here are also regularly part of Japanese design – for both men and women. Unlike their Western symbolism, flowers in Japan signify perseverance .

Blue Watercolor Flower Tattoo on Ankle

Splashes of pastel colors which seem to be dripping from the petals; this is Watercolor style. It’s hard to believe that the artist didn’t dip her brush in water to “paint” this beautiful flower. The overall design is equally impressive. With the ankle as the canvas, the stem follows its natural curves onto the foot. If you’re looking for a beautiful but discreet tattoo, one like this might be the perfect choice for you.

Realistic New School Rose Tattoo on Forearm

This Rose tattoo with its pops of orange is gorgeous. Inked in both the Realistic and New School styles, it’s characterized by the use of bold outlines, simple colors and a wide range of tones going all the way to white ink. The white artfully imparts a wilting quality to the outer petals. Regardless, the Orange Rose is symbolic of desire and passion.

Minimal Black and Gray Cherry Blossom Tattoo Underboob

This is one of the prettiest floral tattoos. It uses thin lines and only black ink which is then watered down to produce tones of gray. These are masterfully applied to create shading and contrast. Looking at this tattoo you realize there’s something else at play; namely its location. This Cherry Blossom branch intimately hugs and follows the contours of this woman’s body. Beautiful. In China Cherry Blossoms symbolize feminine beauty.

Linework Black and Gray Peony Tattoo on side of Woman’s Hip

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere…and oh so beautiful. This photo is taken from a side view showcasing this large floral tattoo. Black lines create the outlines and details of the flowers and leaves while tones of gray are used for shading and contrast. The gray tones really makes the Peony and the Hibiscus pop – making them the stars of this design.

Simple Flower Sternum Tattoo

The design of this tattoo does a great job filling the little gap created by the sternum. The triangular shape flows well with the her chest and makes a beautiful addition to her skin. You can see the tattoo shows up really well on her dark skin – and this is mainly due to the main flower being left with very little shading in order to create contrast.

Black and Gray Floral Tattoo with Whip Shading on Woman’s Forearm

This floral design is inked in the Black and Gray style. Only black ink is used and then watered down to create tones of gray. Whip shading is on full display here masterfully employed to create the shading and contrast seen in the flowers and leaves. With this technique the artist drags the needle superficially across the skin resulting in lighter shades. Considerable skill is required so big props to the artist.

Fine Line Sunflower Underboob Tattoo

Fineline style is characterized by thin black lines and an absence of color. Used here it imparts a dreamy feel so different from the cheeriness of the bright yellow color associated with the Sunflower. The design intuitively follows the natural curves of the body. Beyond their natural appeal, Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity.

Minimal and Fine Line Flower Tattoo on Arm

Let the sun shine…right on these pretty flowers. With thin black lines, no contrast, no color; the flowers have a delicate feel to them. And of course they need the light of the sun to grow. That’s why I love how the rectangular outline provides a direct connection between the flowers and the vibrancy of this red sun. Clever Design

Fine Line Floral Tattoo on Top of Woman’s Forearm

These flowers won’t be going anywhere as they’re seemingly kept in place with a “ribbon”. The ribbon is created by employing negative space – a space that’s not inked. This is a really good example of thoughtful, sophisticated design. Kudos to the artist.

Watercolor Forget-Me-Nots Tattoo

Watercolor style is used to “paint” these beautiful Forget-Me-Nots. The characteristic blue petals are offset by the yellow right in the center of each flower. So dainty but they impart a big message of True Love: “Don’t Forget Me”.

Custom Design Blossom Tattoo on Forearm

These pretty blue blossoms look like they might be painted on a scroll. Rather than hanging on a wall they’re inked right on the forearm. I’m not sure though that the rectangular outline adds anything to the overall design. In a way it seems to box these blossoms in.

Custom Design Single Line with Black and Gray Daisy Tattoo on Biceps

This is a Custom design that marries two styles. The lower half is done in Single Line style which is very popular with the Insta-crowd. Trace the line and you see there’s really just one line which even creates the outline of a hand. The Black and Gray style of the upper portion uses only black ink and then waters it down to create tones of gray. The grays are used for shading and contrast. Daisies have an innocent feel to them and that’s just what they symbolize: Innocence.

Black and Gray Sunflower Tattoo on Forearm

Even without its trademark golden center and bright yellow petals, you can feel the light of this Sunflower. Using only black ink and gray tones, terrific contrast is achieved. Spanish explorers thought Sunflowers were actually made of gold. Perhaps that’s how they came to be associated with adoration, loyalty and longevity.