40 Awesome Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2022

The thigh is one of my favorite places on the body for tattoos. Its large and relatively flat surface allows for some amazing pieces of art to be inked on your skin. When it comes to realistic tattoos, this spot along with the forearm is definitely my favorite. But all sorts of styles will look great on you here!

But before you go and get your own thigh tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking thigh tattoos of 2022. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea for your next piece of ink.

With that said, let’s begin.


Fine Line Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

Flowers are often inked in Fine Line style as it imparts a feeling of lightness. The thin black lines used here creating the outlines enhance the delicate beauty of this rose. No color needed. Placed within this pretty frame, the rose is certain to be the center of attention for a lucky few to admire.

Black Work Tattoo With Whip Shading on Woman’s Thigh

This is such a cool tattoo with drama and artistry on display. Covering the entire front of the thigh, the size alone makes a statement. But it’s really the skillful inking that prevents you from looking away; making you want to take in every detail – from the heavy black lines to the thin strands of wild hair to the whip shading employed across the face and torso. It should be noted that whip shading involves the artist masterfully dragging the needle across the skin with varying degrees of pressure. All In All – Very Impressive

Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

 Inked in black only, this lion comes alive as if it’s running through a field of flowers. Not what we would generally envision but perfect on this woman’s thigh. It’s both simultaneously graceful and powerful. Perhaps just what the woman wished to imply.

Japanese Watercolor Tattoo on Thigh

The elegant crane is associated with longevity in Japan. According to myth, cranes are believed to live for a thousand years. It’s common to see cranes decorating bridal kimonos, sake labels; even airline logos. So why not your thigh. Here inked in Watercolor style, the colors seem to have flowed from a brush dipped in water and paint. Beautiful

Black Work Japanese Tattoo on Thigh

The bold and heavy black lines typical of Japanese tattoos are seen here but not the common use of vibrant colors. No reds, no greens. The theme though is typical incorporating both a serpent and (if you look closely) a mythological deity. This tattoo is well positioned on the thigh but it’s not the customary full sleeve or full body inkings associated with Japanese stye.

Black and Gray Line Work Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

This willowy tree has its roots right on this woman’s thigh. The roots, branches and leaves are inked with beautiful thin black lines characteristic of Line Work style. Black ink is also used in outlining the frame although here shading is seen too. This shading imparts exquisite detail to the frame. The geometric elements at the top and bottom of the design echo the vertical dimensions of the thigh. Perfect Fit

Men's New School Floral Thigh Band Tattoo

What’s old is new or as we have here – New School style. Bold black outlines and simple colors are used as with Old School style – think a sailor’s tattoo of a pin-up girl. Where those were typically on the biceps or chest, New School style isn’t shy about selecting the thigh, nor a floral theme!


Women's Floral Branch Upper Thigh Tattoo

What’s immediately apparent is the gracefulness of this tattoo. Enhancing the floral theme is the use of thin black lines and delicate shading. The branch’s dimensions and shape perfectly follow the contour of the upper thigh making it look like it was always meant to be there.

Realistic Watercolor Dog Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

What better way to show how much you love your dog than inking its likeness across your entire thigh. Realistic style with its fine lines and skilled shading makes this dog really come to life. Then the unexpected use of Watercolor style adds a playfulness to the mix;; from the flowers framing the face to the blue accent in the right eye. So real you’ll want to pet this dog; but better ask permission first!

Minimal Line Work Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

True to Minimal style, the butterfly’s essence is captured with the use of only black lines. Deconstructing the image to its basic elements, this butterfly come alive. “Less Is More’ is alive and well in this tattoo.

Large Black Work Neo-Traditional Female Portrait Tattoo on Thigh

The solid planes of black ink seen here are characteristic of Black Work style. This style is then used alongside the Neo-Traditional style. Evolving from Old School style (think Grandpa’s pin-up tattoo), Neo-Traditional employs more natural shapes and imagery. While the biceps was the canvas of choice for Grandpa’s tattoo, here the entire thigh is used to make a very bold statement.

Blue Jay Bird Thigh Tattoo

Wow – Wow – Wow. This is a beautiful tattoo. Thin black lines form the outlines throughout. Just look at the clean lines of the claws, branches, leaves, feathers… etc, etc.The watercolors, in an array of blues, are then magically ‘dabbed” on. As if that weren’t enough, Whip Shading adds another layer to the design. Here the artist touches the needle to the skin and then skillfully drags it away creating the masterful shading.

Realistic Snake & Lotus Thigh Tattoo

You couldn’t get more realistic than this tattoo; I’m scared just looking at it. Not one but two snakes are out to destroy the rose’s innocence; or maybe ours too. The fine lines, contrast, shading and 3D work all render this design totally real. Props to the artist.

Geometric Tattoo With Watercolor Flower on Woman’s Thigh

Here’s a nice mix of two styles on obvious display. The Geometric style incorporates geometric shapes surrounding the beautiful rose; just like a bouquet. It really looks like the artist dipped her brush in watercolors to paint directly on the skin. The pastel colors and shading are so dreamy, and lucky for this lady, will remain fresh forever.

Marker Thigh Tattoo

I wouldn’t be surprised if you think that this lettering was done with a green marker – but no it’s a Brushwork tattoo. Brushwork style was originated by tattoo artist Lee Stewart who ‘married” aspects of Asian art with Berlin street art. The result: a perfectly fresh take for ink. Your thigh as a billboard? Absolutely.

New School Color Star Wars AT-AT Tattoo on Thigh

A great design, with a great shape, with great inking – together make for a great tattoo. Case-in-point; this large tattoo done in New School style. New School, like Old School style (think your Grandpa’s tattoo,) uses bold outlines and simple colors but employs updated imagery. Rather than pin-up girls, anthropomorphic imagery is featured where non-human entities are given human traits. Anyone remember action figures?

Sun & Moon Linework Tattoos on Woman's Thighs

What could be better than waking up everyday with the sun and moon at your feet, or in this case on your thighs. These tattoos are done in the Line Work style where only black ink is used. With their smiling faces it’s hard not to feel happy.

Live Your Dream Tattoo on Woman's Thigh

This is Text style where only one or a few words make up the entire tattoo. The font and size of the letters and of course the words themselves create the art and the message. And This is a Good One.

Realistic Astronaut & TV Thigh Tattoos

The Realistic style is expertly rendered in these tattoos with the use of fine lines and shading. Uncharacteristically, color is added to the mix – and looks oh so good. Just look at the folds along the astronaut’s pants. So real. If this all weren’t enough, the purple cord floats in space and perfectly connects these two.

Line Work Portraits with Mandala Tattoos on Thighs

The designs here are super-creative; combining both portrait work and Mandala. The Asian inspired theme of the Mandala is additionally evident in the ornamental elements. Then of course there’s the lotus flower; central to Mandala design. The lotus, growing deep in muddy waters, nevertheless survives and produces one of the most beautiful flowers and in this case beautiful tattoos.

Large Linework Victorian House Tattoo on Man's Thigh

This man’s thigh forms the perfect frame for this large tattoo. Done exclusively in Line Work style with black and gray tones, you get a sense that this is truly a rickety, old house. The stairs might be crumbling but this picture isn’t going anywhere.

Large Fine Line Leaves Tattooed on Woman's Thigh

Fine Line style, with its thin black lines, helps enhance the dreamy feel of this floral tattoo. It looks like a branch just casually blew onto this woman’s leg. Of course the tattoo is perfectly positioned following the contours of the thigh. What a great location.

Black and Gray Tiger Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

This tattoo will have you looking twice. Is it a butterfly or a tiger? Actually it’s both expertly done in Black and Gray style. Only black ink is used and then watered down to create the different shades of gray. The masterful shading imparts an impressive realism making this image “off the charts”.

Minimal Floral Bouquet Thigh Tattoo

The large canvas provided by the thigh is the backdrop for this very small floral tattoo. Despite the size differential, this design works. With beautiful color inking, the flowers come to life. It should be noted that typically with Minimal style only black ink is used. Some rules are meant to be broken.

Men's Realistic Black and Gray Roman Colosseum & Gladiator Tattoo on Thigh

The year 101 AD, a roman gladiator… history right on your thigh brought to you by the Realistic style. To achieve the realism, fine lines, contrast, shading and 3D are used. The bronze helmet is a great added touch of color which serves to center the design.

Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Man's Thigh

This is a beautiful example of Black and Gray style tattoo. Here only black ink is used then watered down to create the different gray tones. You can see how the artist uses the gray tones to shade the wings which lends itself so well to realism. Perfect.

Half Geometric Lion / Half Flowers Thigh Tattoo

Mixing design elements is what’s known as Custom Design style. I”m not sure of the tattoo’s message but artistically the different styles work well together. Entirely inked in the Black and Gray style, the inclusion of a floral theme with Ornamental details creates a harmonious feel. The Ornamental detailing at the top and bottom of the design perfectly complements the beautiful lines of the thigh. Maybe this tattoo is saying “I’m Bold and Beautiful”.

Custom Realistic Tattoo with Some Line Work on Thigh

This looks like a page from a book; from the realistic portrait to the text in the background. Great skill is required to achieve the shading and intricate details seen here. The addition of line work lends a modern vibe to this classic design.

Fine Line Geisha Portrait Tattoo on Woman's Thigh

Fine Line style is often used to create delicate 2D inkings. The absence of any color enhances the thin black lines creating a dreamy feel. Here the design’s size and shape perfectly conform to the thigh. Perfect Canvas.

Traditional Chinese Dragon & Tiger Thigh Tattoos

Traditional themes of Japanese tattoos like snakes, swords and mythological animals are seen here. Similarly traditional Japanese design is also seen. There’s a boldness and clarity leaving no ambiguity as to what’s depicted. Strong line work and high contrast are a must to achieve this goal.

Till Death Do Us Part Old School Color Thigh Tattoos

Wow – talk about telling a story. First to note is the bold way in which the story is told: Old School style. Using bold black outlines and simple shading and colors, this style is what’s associated with the tattoos sailors used to get. Think pin-up girls. The first tattoo tells a love story while the second tattoo “buries” it or as we say – Time To Move On.

Brushwork & Watercolor Sailboat Tattoo on Thigh

Brushwork tattoos are so cool. Created by the artist Lee Stewart, the style ‘marries” Asian art with Berlin street art. No strict outlines here but rather a sense that the artist lifted her brush to paint directly on the skin. Watercolors are then dabbed on to create the water. Who wouldn’t love this work.

Mandala & Butterfly Portrait Tattoo on Thigh

The Mandala, inspired by eastern religions, typically includes the lotus flower. Characterized by the repetition of complex geometric patterns, the mandala is visually mesmerizing. Here interest is further heightened by the addition of the butterfly-adorned face. Awesome detail and artistry.

Geometric Tattoos on Woman’s Thighs

You can see the repeating patterns here which are clearly characteristic of Geometric style. This woman’s thighs are perfect for showcasing the long, graceful expanse of the designs.
They are ‘Real” “Bold” without being overpowering. Mini skirts are sure to be worn.

Toy Story Sticker Tattoos on Thigh

This design is as playful as it gets. Who doesn’t love Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang. It’s interesting to understand that with Minimal style it’s often space around the images that highlights the theme. Here: Unity.

You Are Not Alone Thigh Tattoo

Berlin street art: it’s where graffiti was born; where artists could loudly and publicly affirm their opinions and affiliations. In homage, tattoo artists and their clients have similarly used ‘skin’ to make a statement. Looks like someone took pen to skin here.

New School Bird Tattoos on Woman’s Thighs

First thing you notice here are two realistic-looking birds that have made your thighs ‘home’. The location is perfect to showcase the scale and boldness of the designs. Done in New School style, traditional black outlines are seen along with animals inked in vibrant colors. Bird watching anyone?

Neon Old School Snake & Lotus Tattoos on Thigh

We see Old School style here with the use of bold black outlines and vibrant colors. The theme too is old; actually as old as mankind. Since the Garden of Eden, there’s been a struggle between innocence (the rose) and temptation (the snake). Don’t know who’s going to win here but it looks like they’re having fun.

Realistic Black and Gray Christian Cross Thigh Tattoo

The thigh perfectly showcases the size and detail of this cross. Black and Gray style is expertly used to lend realism to the design. Here only black ink is used and then watered down to create tones of gray. The grays are then used for expert shading which provides an awesome contrast to the bold planes of solid black ink. Real artistic skill needed.

Ornamental Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Here’s a really pretty mandala adorning this woman’s thigh. The design is wide enough to not look small on her leg, and also long enough to take up the length of it.

It looks wonderful!

Neo Traditional Black Cat Thigh Tattoo

Hello pussycat – or is that a black panther romping in a field of flowers? Either way, the design is masterfully showcased along the full dimensions of the thigh. Inked in Neo Traditional style, we see the characteristic vibrant colors and animal themes with which it’s associated. Hope it doesn’t bite.