28 Amazing Snake Tattoo Ideas to Inspire You
(men & women)

There’s something about snakes that just captivates people. Maybe it’s their slithery movement, or the way they coil up in readiness to strike. I personally love the sense of power they have, especially with their venom. And it’s that mystique of theirs that make snake tattoos so badass.

But before you go and get your own snake tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the coolest, most-unique, and best-looking snake tattoo ideas of 2022. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

The Skull and Snake Tattoo

This tattoo feels like an awesome, modern rendition of a classic biker tattoo. You’ve got a beautifully detailed and shaded skull (with a fine set of teeth, if I do say so myself). Then you’ve got the not too realistic, but good-looking blackwork snake wrapping around it.


Black and Gray Realistic Snake Tattoo

The detail and shading of this tattoo give it such a cool, realistic effect. Just look at the glimmer of light reflecting off the snake’s eye. Just be careful getting such a realistic tattoo, as you may scare someone passing by.



A Beautiful Kingsnake Tattoo

Whether I correctly identified this snake as a kingsnake or if it’s actually something else like a Coral Snake, one thing is true for sure: this tattoo kicks ass. Not only is the detail beautiful, but the layout of the tattoo flows really well moving from this guy’s ribs to under his chest.



Life, Death and a Viper Tattoo

What a badass realistic black and gray snake tattoo created by Vitor Masella out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He captured the beauty of life and death as the viper is surrounded by sunflowers, a butterfly and a broken skull.


The Snakes of Evil Medusa

Medusa tattoos are quite popular, so what makes one stand out from all the others? For me, it’s the white-out ghost eyes and the cracks in Medusa’s otherwise lovely face. Be careful of beauty and who you kiss, am I right?


Black Skeleton Snake Tattoo

Sometimes you want a tattoo that says don’t fuck with me and EKA from Bangkok, Thailand did an awesome job conveying that message with this scary ass looking blackwork piece. And technically speaking, his use of white ink does a great job to highlight the details of the snake’s skeleton.



Garter Snake Tattoo With Nasturtium Flowers

Here’s a uniquely positioned tattoo that we don’t see anywhere else on this page. The artist did a really good job integrating the flowers with the snake – neither of them are the star, yet they both are. They work together to make the overall piece better than the sum of its parts.


A Little Pet Snake Wrist Wrap Tattoo

Check out the awesome pattern on this little guy. I love how the artist left such clear gaps of negative space, which really makes the snake’s intricate pattern stand out.

But I have a question for you, how do you feel about the snake’s head coming all the way onto the hand


Smoke Snake Rose Tattoo

Here’s a snake tattoo done on the side of the calf. If you haven’t already got a side calf tattoo, would you want one?

What I like about this piece is its super smooth shading. The flowers look really nice too. The snake, I’m not really in love with it, but it’s not bad at all.



Black Snake and Peony Wrist / Forearm Tattoo

Women (and men alike) keep notice of the placement of this tattoo. These floral snake tattoos look awesome on the top of the forearm.

What’s so good about this piece?

  • Look at how elegantly the snake’s body bends and twists – I love it.
  • The peony is beautiful, as is the shading of the leaves.


Top of Forearm Snake and Rose Tattoo

Look how sweet this piece looks on this person’s arm. The snake’s head and tail take up the length of the top-forearm, while the rest of the piece shrinks as it wraps to the inside of the forearm. And the detailed shading of the rose is extraordinary.

This snake is a beauty!



A Dark Snake of the Rose, a Calf Tattoo

Looking for somewhere to put your feminine snake tattoo? The slender shape of some calves can make them a great place to get tattooed.




A Snake and Dagger Inner Forearm Tattoo

Blackwork style. 
Not ultra-realistic.
Really nice layout of the actual design.
Really nice placement on the inner forearm.
This is a really nice piece.




Linework Peony Flowers and Minimal Blackwork Snake Shoulder Tattoo

Flower tattoos wrapping around the shoulder are a really popular look amongst women. With this tattoo I love how the artist kept the flowers shaded with a very minimal use of linework. These light flowers contrast well with the darker snake. Also take note how the snake’s head and one branch of leaves follows the body from the shoulder to chest under the collarbone. This gives a really pretty, natural look to the piece.


A Black and Gray Viper Rose Tattoo

The shading in this piece is really something! The dark shadows between the rose and the snake keep the design from looking too busy. The artist did a wonderful job here.



An Ouroboros Knee Tattoo

The ouroboros is a mythical representation of a snake eating itself, which represents both eternity and the cycle of life and death.

Typically I don’t like these ouroboros tattoos, but this artist did a really nice job making the snake look believable. Plus the placement around the knee is sick.



A Hypnotizing Snake Tattoo

This piece is a fusion of blackwork and minimal styles. The artist created a dazzling pattern as the snake twists and shows its scales and underbelly. The layout of how the snake is slithering is also super silky. 



A Small and Simple Snake Tattoo

There’s nothing about this tattoo that I don’t like. The detail is awesome, the diagonal placement along the arm, plus how it fits within the inner-bicep area all look great. Super job on this minimalist piece. 👍🎉



A Unique Minimal Snake Tattoo

If you want a snake tattoo that stands out from everyone else’s, then an idea like this one would be a good idea.

What makes this so cool is its black and red sphere – this colorful contrast plays so well with the super minimal, snake. Beautiful simplicity.




Men's Big Back Snake Tattoo

According to some African cultures, ancestors transform into serpents when they die so their wisdom can serve future generations. You’ll see this idea reflected in many African masks, which depict human faces with serpentine features.


Sexy Two-Headed Snake Tattoo on Woman's Stomach / Sternum

This artist out of South Korea has such a cool, unique and beautiful style of their own. I have no idea what those ornaments are on the woman’s chest and collarbones, but they do a great job treating the woman’s body as a canvas. The design is quite simple, but extraordinarily beautiful.


A Neo-American Traditional Cobra Tattoo

The cobra rose to fame as a symbol of social status in Ancient Egypt and remains a powerful image to this day.

This tattoo is obviously inspired by the old school American traditional style, however the artist used modernized tattooing techniques. You see a lot of whip work, which is a newer shading style that comes out looking like a smoother, more uniform version of dotwork.


Forearm Linework Snake and Flowers Tattoo

Whether you think about it as bad luck or not, there are many superstitions involving snakes that might inspire you tattoo! Some people believe if they kill a snake accidentally, they will die too; others think it brings luck when one crosses your path. For some, snakes represent temptation and sin while for others they’re a sign of God’s grace.


Blackwork Minimal Snake Ear Tattoo

Ear tattoos have become super popular because they send a big message despite their small size. They are cheap and quick to get.

The artist did a wonderful job here adding the dots, lines and shading. I would, however, be very interested to see how this tattoo looks after aging.



Women's Snake Tattoo on Top Forearm

What a cool tattoo this is! The background and its negative spaces provide such a strong contrast to this black snake. I really got to applaud the artist for creating such a cool design. I think this tattoo would look great on men and women alike.



Lightly Shaded Snake Wrapping Around Knife

Here’s a really simple snake tattoo idea for people who like light-shading. The artist did a really good job keeping the entire piece light and fresh. The idea of a snake and a knife or blade of some sort isn’t exactly unique, but it is a classic. 


A Simple, Sexy Snake Outline Tattoo on the Upper Thigh

This tattoo is hot. Want something small yet sexy? Go for something like this. Whoever ends up seeing it will enjoy the surprise.



Fineline Snake Tattoo

Although simple in design, this snake has a hypnotic feel. Awesome detail is created with just the use of thin black lines. With the contrast between the scales and belly of the snake you sense its movement. Slithering, Slithering, Slithering Right on Your Skin

Linework Snake Tattoo on Woman’s Ribs

You want a snake tattoo but one that’s not too ominous. Well then, this tattoo’s for you. With thin black lines that form the outline and even pretty ornamental detail, this snake is very approachable. The straight lines, dotwork and triangle at the top are all together like the “cherry on top”.

Black and Gray Snake Tattoo on Outer Hip

The Black and Gray lines, shading and contrast in this tattoo are exquisite. The snake is almost hidden among the flowers but its slightly darker gray tones provide adequate contrast to the flowers. It’s further highlighted by the moon shining behind it. You really have to admire the use of negative space and shadow that create it.

New School Snake Tattoo on Ankle

Rich vibrant colors are one hallmark of New School style and that’s no exception here. The dynamic blue immediately catches your eye but so do the muted tones and shading of the adjacent petals and leaves. Nothing is forgotten here. The leaves are inked with a beautiful green color while decaying areas are brown with even shadows a part of the mix. All in all this is one terrific tattoo.

Floral Snake Tattoo on Woman’s Ribs

This tattoo is pretty, delicate and oh so feminine. With thin black lines and a floral theme, it follows the contours of the chest accenting its curves. Generally hidden beneath clothes, this will be a pleasant surprise for those lucky enough to see it.

Simple Linework Snake Tattoo

Skilled linework is on display in this tattoo. It’s not the shading or elaborate design that make this tattoo a standout. Rather it’s the thin black lines of the snake’s scales which are so precise and uniform and worthy of praise. Great skill evident in this minimalist piece.

Black and Gray Portrait and Snake Tattoo

Looks like this tattoo tells the story of a modern-day Medusa. This tattoo also tells the story of a skilled artist. The black lines, shading, contrast and 3D are extraordinary as is the use of negative space. Aesthetically I love how the design is perfectly laid out on the body.

A Red Floral Snake on a Woman's Back

The positioning of the snake is what makes this tattoo such a cool piece of ink. And speaking of ink, the red ink creates a really cool look on this person’s skin, a look you don’t see very often.