Panumart Tattoo Pattaya 😊

Panumart Tattoo Pattaya

In 2020 Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai looks to expand by opening a new location: Panumart Tattoo Pattaya. Our talented owner and head-artist Ahm will be leading the charge with a goal in mind of creating an amazing Pattaya tattoo shop: one that offers incredible tattoos and stellar service.

One of the highest-rated shops in all of Thailand!

In just a couple of years since opening our shop we have amassed an amazing record of over 300 5-star reviews!
We’ve been able to achieve this feat by dedicating ourselves to you: we take pride in our work and do our best to make sure you leave our shop with a memory you will love for a lifetime.

Eddie Beer
The most hygienic tattoo shop I’ve ever entered in any country.

Nicole Niebler
Best tattoo experience imaginable! Super clean!

A look at the tattoos that are coming to Pattaya:

Ahm is a highly talented tattoo artist who specializes in many different styles. She has become known for her work with portraits, realism and watercolor in particular. You would never know that Ahm has only been a professional tattoo artist for three years now. And with her dedication to perfection her skills are continually improving. Here is a gallery of work from Ahm:


If you’re in Pattaya now and wish to get a tattoo from us, feel free to send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or right here on this page.

Cheers 🙂