35 Awesome Lotus Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2022

The lotus flower is loved worldwide for its beautifully symbolic meaning. If you did not already know, the lovely lotus grows from muddy swamps, with swamps not being known for being so clean or having the prettiest water. So the lotus symbolizes purity, beauty and overcoming the trials of life while reaching up towards the light. 

But before you go and get your own lotus tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking lotus tattoos of 2022. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.


Dotwork Lotus With Crescent Moon Sternum Tattoo

The mysticism associated with the Lotus is enhanced by use of Dotwork style. Requiring considerable skill, tiny dots are placed in close proximity. The petals demonstrate amazing shading and detail. If you want to have a focal point on your body, consider a tattoo over the sternum. Then add elements of the Ornamental style along with the Crescent Moon and all eyes will be on you.

Dotwork Lotus Tattoo on Forearm

This is a beautiful example of Minimal Dotwork style. Thin black lines create the outline of this Lotus while shading is accomplished by placing multiple adjacent dots. Real skill is required as these many tiny dots are intended to never touch. The objective is to create the illusion of a bigger picture. Literally. Figuratively it lends a gravitas or solemnity to the sacred Lotus which symbolizes enlightenment.

Unique Lotus Tattoo on Woman’s Biceps

This custom design might be entitled “April Showers Bring May Flowers”. The biceps provide the space/canvas and frame for this long linear design. The black outlines and gray shading provide contrast and detail. So far – all good. I find though that the numerous vertical lines representing the rain might be overdone. The use of more negative or open space between the “raindrops” might have created more movement within the design while also making it more aesthetic. A case where “Less Is More”.

Minimal Linework Lotus & Unalome Tattoo on Woman’s Sternum

If you want to create an “all eyes on me “ focal point, there’s nothing better than this beautiful Mandala. With the Lotus taking center stage, thin black lines gracefully follow the curves of the chest. It then hangs alluringly from the Unalome. In Buddhism the Unalome represents the twists and turns of life while on the path to enlightenment. So Beautifully Expressed Here.

Black and Gray Lotus Tattoo on Triceps

Thin black lines and tones of gray for shading; this is Fineline style combined with Black and Gray style. Increasingly popular with the Insta-crowd, the Lotus flower comes to life without the use of any color. The curving of the stems imparts a gracefulness to the Lotus; and of course this young woman.

Unalome Lotus & Om Symbol Tattoo

The Asian symbology is really shining through on this one! You have the Om symbol from India, the lotus which is really cherished throughout east Asia, and then the Unalome from Thailand. 

This is a gorgeous tattoo. 

Matching Single Line Lotus Tattoos

These matching tattoos have obvious significance, but what?.Why the lotus? Why “FREEDOM”? Why the close but different dates? I’m sure these questions are the source of many ongoing conversations. Tattoos will in fact give you the chance to tell your story and memorialize what’s important to you.

Stylish Lotus Tattoo With Ornaments

Surrounded by elements of Ornamental style, this Lotus looks like its been crowned Queen. With its origins in the Roman Empire, Ornamental style is characterized by decorative patterned art motifs – think floral or leaf patterns found at the top of Roman pillars. Here they add importance to the Lotus, and of course they’re just pretty.

Cute Lotus Tattoo With Lots of Meaning

From Wikipedia: “Amor fati is a Latin phrase that may be translated as “love of fate” or “love of one’s fate”…” It is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary”. Not only is this tattoo beautiful – from its thin black lines, graceful font, perfect location; it’s obviously meaningful. What could be better than that.

Men’s X-Ray Lotus Tattoo on Forearm

Set on an angle, this Lotus tattoo emphasizes the horizontal space of the forearm. X-Ray style is used to make flowers look like they’ve been X-rayed. I’m not sure that’s been achieved here although impressive shading is on display. The Koi fish are a nice added element. As they swim against the current they’ve come to symbolize perseverance in the face of adversity.

Black Brushwork Tattoo With Black and Gray Lotus Flowers

This tattoo is so dramatic. Heavy black brushstrokes look like they were wildly “painted” on the arm. Yet despite this bold harsh look, Lotus flowers emerge. Just as in real life, the beautiful lotus blossoms despite the dirty, muddy waters which it calls home. Somehow it’s blessed by the Light which is seen shining right on these blossoms.

Unique Budding Lotus Flowers Along Woman’s Spine

The empty space between these flowers supports the theme: a budding Lotus. From the initial bud at the top we can trace the Lotus downwards as it reaches full bloom. I understand the design concept but not necessarily the aesthetics. Just my personal taste.

Mandala Lotus Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

Here’s a nice pairing of Mandala and Ornamental styles. The dangling “chains” on the bottom seem to counterbalance the Mandala. Together they make perfect use of the canvas provided by the thigh. Nice Fit

Cute & Small Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo on Ankle

This Lotus doesn’t need any accessory details. With muted pinks and greens, its delicate beauty is all that needs to be on display. The trail of the stem curving around the ankle is the perfect finishing touch. This lovely design is ideal for the tattoo-newbie – Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just Right

Men’s Red Lotus & Mandala Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Who said a red lotus is only for girls – Not this man! In fact flowers are a common theme in men’s tattoos in Japan. Symbolizing perseverance, flowers are often painted in vibrant reds and pinks. Guess Real Men Wear Pink

Purple Lotus Underboob Tattoo

Following the contours of the body, this Lotus intimately wraps around the body’s curves. The horizontal pastel splashes of color are not only beautiful but serve to create a sense of movement. The perfect finishing touch to this light, dreamy design; the two individual petals of course.

White Lotus Flower Bouquet Tattoo on Woman’s Ribs

This bouquet quietly attracts your attention. Reminiscent of a bouquet you might have picked, it has a light feel achieved by the use of Watercolors. The negative space between the flowers also lets these flowers “breathe”. With only a hint of color, the White Lotus draws your attention. Symbolic of Spiritual Perfection, no embellishment is needed.

Women’s Watercolor Lotus Flowers Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoos are like art; where you put them matters. Here the entire length of the arm provides the perfect canvas for these flowers. They come to life with the use of shading in tones of gray, pink, purple and white ink. While the Lotus follows the curve of the shoulder, the black flowers seem to float beneath creating a gentle movement to the design.

Realistic Color Lotus Tattoo

This Lotus is like a birdseye as it perfectly follows the curves of the shoulder. With the use of multiple shades of pink and green and white ink, it looks like what else – a Lotus. The contrasts created showcase small details and render this design three-dimensional.


Large Red Lotus Japanese Thigh Tattoo

In Japanese tattoos the skin typically “calls out” for every inch to be covered. Uncharacteristically this tattoo doesn’t use the entire canvas provided by the thigh.The Lotus though is a very common theme symbolizing perseverance with the red symbolizing happiness.

Forearm Tattoo With Purple & Pink Lotus Flowers

Without any additional design elements, these purple and pink Lotus flowers would be showstoppers. With thin black lines and gray, purple and pink shading, they are a testament to nature – and the artist’s skill. Creative use of geometric shapes then sets this design apart. The stem seems to be in a vase created by the circle and triangles. The entire design itself is diamond-shaped; framed within a diamond. Priceless

Lotus & Dragonfly Upper Back Tattoo

Of course you can’t help but notice this pretty Lotus flower. You might think it’s accented by four leaves at the top of the stem but look again. These aren’t leaves but rather a dragonfly. The dragonfly, symbolic of new beginnings and maturity, is the perfect partner for the Lotus which symbolizes enlightenment. They’re perfectly paired on this journey called Life.

Beautiful Purple Snake & Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Back

I love back tattoos; they’re super-sexy . With beautiful shades of blues, purples and pops of yellow, the Lotus is “painted” in Watercolor style; not really unexpected. A snake in Watercolor style – now that’s new. Despite the pinks and purples the snake appears totally realistic. With the use of expert shading and white ink ,incredible detail is created. Real skill is needed to do this in such a small space. The theme here: Innocence (the Lotus) vs Temptation (the snake). It looks like the sun is still brightly shining so I think it’s all going to end well. Let’s Hope

Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo on Calf

Central to this beautiful design is the Lotus flower Mandala. The sun and moon then float around it while the Unalome extends to right above the ankle. Can you take anymore? Adding to the wonderment; no tattoo machine was employed in making this masterful tattoo. It’s all done in the hand-poking method known as Thai bamboo tattoo. One more reason to visit Thailand

Minimal Linework Tattoo on Man’s Palm

Tattoos on the palm are quite difficult. The skin is typically thick and callused making it hard to ink. There’s also the associated shedding of skin which leads to fading of the design. In fact repeated re-do’s might be necessary. That all being said this is a great example of Linework style highlighted by smooth, bold black lines. With the petals positioned at an angle on the palm and the stem running the length of the index finger, this is one cool design.

Fine Line Lotus Tattoo on Upper Back

This beautiful Lotus seems to be striking a musical note. It looks like it’s been superimposed on a musical symbol – both appearing to be in perfect harmony. Centered on the back, the thin delicate black lines and minimal shading are totally Insta-ready. Camera Please

Red Ink Simple Lotus Tattoo

Sharp clean lines characterize this simple Lotus. No shading, no contrast – and none needed. The unexpected pop of cherry red ink does it all. How nice to have this displayed on your triceps available for everyone’s viewing. The little Ornamental elements are like icing on the cake. Yummy

Linework Lotus Tattoo on Woman’s Back

Thin black lines create this symbolized Lotus flower. As the “star” of this design, the Lotus is perfectly centered on the back. The solid vertical line that continues down the spine is perhaps the stem – or as it looks to me – “jewelry”.

Japanese Watercolor Lotus & Koi Fish Thigh Tattoo

This is an awesome tattoo that makes me feel like I’m right in the water. The koi fish, with the Lotus gently floating nearby, look like they could jump out and touch me. So much skill is on display here; from the great use of canvas provided by the thigh to the wonderful shading. Look at the smaller fish to really appreciate the degree of detail achieved. Great 3-D. Hope I don’t get wet.

Mandala Lotus Tattoo With Ornaments on Woman’s Sternum

Love, Love, Love this mandala tattoo which incorporates elements of the Ornamental style. Who wouldn’t want flowers and jewels effortlessly floating on her chest. I do! Seen by few but admired by all those who do.

Pink Watercolor Lotus Tattoo on Back of Woman’s Neck

Watercolors are delicate, beautiful and oh so hard to do. When painting, the colors can drip and with tattoos they can easily get messy looking. Not here. With pretty pinks and greens this Lotus comes to life. I love how the stem has some movement to it rather than being a rigid line down the spine. With your hair up all will admire it. When down and just a bit of the Lotus is visible, I’m sure all will want to take a peek. Irresistible

Realistic Pink Lotus Tattoo With Mandala on Woman’s Ankle

First you notice the Mandala tattoo with its repetitive pattern. Very nice. Then you notice the beautiful decorative scrolls on the leg and foot. Very nice. Then you notice the Pink Lotus and wait – Did someone tie this flower around the ankle? Looking so real it’s like this Lotus is part of an ankle corsage. This Lotus is not only gorgeous, it will last forever. Happy Feet

Watercolor Brush Lotus Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

Combine Watercolor and Brush styles and you get something new; something just like you see here. The leaves appear to have been“painted” by an artist applying thick, opaque color. Some Watercolor style is evident in the more muted red shades of the petals. I love how the design perfectly fits over the arm. One extra surprise: the single blossom extending onto the shoulder. So Fresh

Realistic Lotus Flower Tattoos With Geometric Designs

This is one masterful tattoo where both technique and design stand. Big props to the artist. With perfect black lines, heavy yet delicate solid black inking and artistically subtle shading of the flowers, you can’t turn your eyes away. As if that’s not enough the design is then taken up a notch with the frame provided by the circles and triangles. One more look and you realize that the whole design is a triangle. I love this tattoo!

Ornamental Lotus Tattoo on Top of Forearm

Although this a long linear design, there’s nothing overbearing about it. With thin black outlines, a delicate Lotus and elements of the Ornamental style, it catches your eye but won’t be “in your face”. It’s a design that will age well. Lucky You