Get your Custom Tattoo Design from the Kingdom of Thailand!

Get your Custom Tattoo Design from the Kingdom of Thailand! 🇹🇭

With a rich history of body art, Thailand is a world-premiere destination for tattoos.

What makes Thailand so good?

✔️ For centuries the Thai people have adorned “sacred ink” tattoos known as sak yants.
✔️ Over the last several decades this art has been modernized as travelers from around the world have visited the country.
✔️ Now-a-days Thailand is home to many amazing tattoo artists.

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Your online tattoo designer - Panumart Tattoo

About Panumart Tattoo: Your Tattoo Designer

✔️ Panumart Tattoo is the hottest tattoo shop in Thailand and one of the fastest growing tattoo shops in the world.
✔️ Panumart Tattoo was started by Panumart Astaphan, Chiang Mai’s best tattoo artist, and her husband Ryan, an entrepreneur from America.
✔️ We have teamed up with some of the country’s best tattoo artists in order to give you the best custom tattoo designs anywhere.
✔️ Making you happy is very important to us and we do a great job at it. That is why we have over 200 5-star reviews!


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Custom tattoo designs made professionally for you!

Custom Tattoo Design: Blue Kitsune Fox

Here is a custom designed tattoo made for Reginald from Singapore. He asked Ahm to make him a calf tattoo that would incorporate a blue fox, as well as flowers from a handful of countries he had visited. As you can see, the end result is a beautiful piece of body art.

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Designing Tattoos For You

Choose your style

The art of tattooing is comprised by numerous styles of designs. The Sailor Jerry style, known also as old school or American traditional, was the first popular style of the 20th century. Today there are so many tattoo styles that no one artist can do them all.

Luckily we have compiled a team of top artists who specialize in a wide range of tattoo styles:

  • Old School
  • New School
  • Realistic
  • Portrait
  • Geometric
  • Linework / Dotwork
  • Mandala / Henna
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Minimal
  • Watercolor

Choose your body part

Just as a frame must go with its painting, a tattoo has to go well with the area of the body it is to be placed. In other words, some designs might look great when viewed at individually, but when placed on certain parts of the body something will not look right.

Our tattoo artists understand the anatomy of the body when it comes to the tattooing body art.

We will be able to make recommendations to you and create what you’ve dreamed of.

Choose your budget

Time is money.

For those seeking an economic option, we will create you a great custom tattoo design for a special price. The “catch” would be a limited number of revisions.

But for those seeking VIP treatment, we will provide you with a guaranteed artist who will work with you until you get the perfect tattoo design.

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