Bangkok Tattoo Shops | Who Makes Up The Top 10?

Hi, Ryan here from Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai – Thailand’s best-rated tattoo shop on Google. We’d love for you to come tattoo with us, but if you have to tattoo in Bangkok then you won’t be short of options. Here are our top 10 recommendations for best tattoo shops in Bangkok, Thailand:

Bangkok’s Top 10 Best Tattoo Shops and Artists

  1. Mod HalleyInk Tattoo
  2. MIMP
  3. Lone Wolf
  4. NAMO Tattoo
  5. NT-tattoo RCA Bangkok Thailand
  6. Bangkok Ink Tattoo Studio
  7. BKK Ink
  8. Common Ground Tattoo
  9. Tattoos Boom Zodat
  10. Up2U Tattoo Studio 

Mod HalleyInk Tattoo

If you are fond of Japanese tattoos and have a lot of time in Bangkok, then Mod HalleyInk Tattoo might be the place for you. This one-man studio is the place to go in Bangkok for full-body Japanese tattoos.


One of the most famous tattoo shops among Thai locals, MIMP gained fame when being featured on Inked Magazine.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf tattoo works mostly with simplistic imagery done in black shading or linework.

NAMO Tattoo

Neo-Thai is a style of tattooing that to a foreigner looks like Japanese. NAMO Tatto

NT-tattoo RCA Bangkok Thailand

If you like you scary movies then NT-tattoo is a good choice for you. This dark tattoo studio focuses on demonic imagery.

Bangkok Ink Tattoo Studio

Bangkok Ink Tattoo Studio specializes in Thai-traditional Sak Yant tattoos. These Buddhist tattoos are said to give good luck and other blessings. If you’re looking for a bamboo tattoo then Bangkok Ink would be a good option.


BKK Ink is one of Thailand’s bigger tattoo shops. They like showing off their realistic tattoos, portraits and other large pieces.

Common Ground Tattoo

Working mostly with black and gray tattoos, Common Ground offers truly unique designs with Thai influences.

Tattoos Boom Zodat

Tiny small line tattoos, that’s what Tattoos Boom Zodat advertise. Their name is unique and so are their tattoos. If you’re looking for something minimal in Bangkok, then TBZ is the way to go.

Up2U Tattoo Studio

Located on Khaosan Road, Up2U Tattoo Studio offers a wide variety of tattoo styles without specializing in any one thing. If you’re a backpacker looking to add on to your wild memories, maybe this is the place for you in Bangkok.

Panumart Tattoo

Located in Chiang Mai, Panumart Tattoo is worth the trip from Bangkok. Our team of artists specialize in making you happy. We have artists that are great in a wide variety of styles such as watercolor, realistic, new-school, bamboo, sak yant, Japanese and minimal. We offer world class hygiene and customer service because our goal is to make you happy.