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Though the youngest member of our team, Gang is arguably Panumart Tattoo’s best artist. This self-taught tattoo prodigy is a true professional. He always comes prepared to give you his best.

With a wide-range of skills, Gang’s talent shines brightest when given the freedom to create custom pieces.


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Reviews of Gang’s tattoos

Here is what customers have said about Gang’s work:
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David Kicsit
Very nice people and excellent artists. My tattoo was done by Gang, great guy. I recommend it 100%

David Kovacs
Booked an appointment with Ryan from UK via messenger from UK. We agreed on design the date and I must say a very reasonable price as well. Very convenient. Everything was perfect from the start to finish. The whole place is very professional and crystal clean they take care of the after treatment as well. My tattoos were done by Gang, 2 classic old school tattoos. Just perfect. The details, the colors. Both healed less than a week. I 100% recommend this shop you are not going to regret by choosing them.

Tony Renier
The staff here was excellent from the start. Ryan really took care of me and wanted to make sure that I got the best tattoo I could. we messaged back and forth for a few days to make sure I was getting the tattoo I wanted. he offered suggestions that were very helpful but he made sure I knew that I had the final decision on the art.

When I arrived at the shop it was extremely clean and kept well. I was treated with my name and offered water. I then met my artist Gang. he was great. we spent about 10 minutes finalizing the size and placement and then we started. Gang is such a pro. We rolled through the tattoo pretty quickly but he was also meticulous on getting it right and I ended up with a great tat.
The then walked me through the after care and got me a ride back to my hotel.

Overall an excellent experience. Do yourself a favor and contact them for your next work. You wont regret it.

Andreas Dino
If you are looking for a tattoo shop in Chiang Mai, this is the place to go. I went around town to all the suggested ones on Google but this is the place to go for a tattoo. Ryan and Gang will go that extra mile to make you feel at home and relaxed. They will listen to your budget and help you get what you want. Got one tattoo here and returned one week later to get 3 more. The whole staff is so talented and will help you with every question you might have. Without a doubt the place to get a tattoo in Chiang Mai.

Preethulina Shi
Had a really terrific experience at Panumart getting my first tattoo in over a decade. It was top notch service from start to finish. Ryan was very helpful in arranging everything and the pricing was flexible and reasonable. They will work with you and your budget. The space is clean, modern and airy. The tattoo artist, Gang, made some modifications to the rough design I provided to give me exactly what I wanted and his work was meticulous and fast! The best part is the healing process! It was much quicker because of the medical bandages they provide. I was good to go after a week with almost no scabbing. I highly recommend them and would absolutely make a trip to Chiang Mai just to get more ink from them!

Carina Lau
I’d been wanting to have a memorial tattoo of the dogs that I’d lost over the years. I’d done some research and found out about Panumart Tattoo. I looked at their works and reviews and I know that is where I want my new tattoo done.

Upon my arrival, I communicated with Ryan. He answered my questions shortly. I had changed my travel plan and needed to re schedule my appointment, Ryan fitted me in for another day.

On the day of getting the tattoo, I was nervous but the staff were very nice. The place is very clean and have a nice atmosphere. That helped me to relax. Gang was the artist who did my tattoo. He was very patient and professional. He took my ideas and suggestion then designed a tattoo and blended it with my old one flawlessly. He gave me more than I’d asked for. People compliment the tattoo even my mom who against tattoo.

If you are in Chiang Mai and want to get a tattoo, I’d highly recommend Panumart Tattoo. The artists are very talented and professional. You won’t regret it. ???? ????