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In just a year’s time Aon has propelled himself from being a novice to becoming Panumart Tattoo’s blackwork specialist.

In university Aon studied interior design, but instead of following that path he decided to join the family business (he is the younger brother of the shop’s owner, Ahm).

Aon wants you to know that in his free time Aon enjoys photography, computer games and movies.


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Reviews of Aon’s tattoos

Here is what customers have said about Aon’s work:
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Jared McMurray
Absolutely loved my experience with Panumart tattoo. Went in for a consultation with another friend of mine. Both Aon and Ahm (two of the artists) were super kind, helpful, and welcoming. We scheduled a time later that week for us to come in. The shop was very clean, the artists spoke English, and their tattoo skills were very impressive as well. All of these combined with the cheaper price tag compared to tattoo parlors in the United States made it very much worth it. Couldn’t have had a better tattoo experience!

Gabi Wurtzel
First off, HIGHLY RECOMMEND! They are very easy to work with, extremely clean, patient, and kind.
Using Panumart to get one of my tattoos was an incredible experience from start to finish! I reached out to them on Messenger a few days prior to my appointment asking for a quote and they got back to me just a few hours later. Nut was super easy to work with in making an appointment and getting a quote. I also reached out to other shops around the area for a quote for what I wanted, and Panumart was one of the best quotes I got.

I got to the shop and Nut was there to greet me. As soon as you walk into the shop, you get a sense of how seriously they take hygiene – it’s spotless! Aon was my artist and was extremely patient in getting my tattoo exactly as I wanted it. He did an amazing job and I could not be any happier with my tattoo.
Thank you so much Nut, Aon, and the Panumart Tattoo team! I will always remember my tattoo experience in Chiang Mai <3

Hristo Yordanov
The service at this place is top class. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Unlike other places there’s no rush. Ryan was in contact with me from the moment I walked into the shop until I got the tattoo a couple days later. Aon did an amazing job with the tattoo and was very friendly and helpful. If I could give 6 stars I would.

Phil Taylor
OK, I am going start by saying that this is probably the cleanest, most up market, chic and tastefully decorated tattoo shop in the whole of Chiang Mai. I am not prone to exaggeration, but from the moment you walk in, you will feel that you are in an exclusive west end of London salon!

The folk that work there are ultra-professional, not simply with their acute attention to hygiene but also with their attitude towards the customer = we truly are king in this establishment.

Now, all the above would mean zip if no-one could wield a tattoo gun, or there was no artistic capabilities, but Ryan, Aon and their crew have these in spades! I am more than happy with my relatively simple tattoo, and I saw evidence of far more intricate work going on, and happy customers walking out.
If this is your first tattoo – go for it because you won’t get a better 1st experience. If it isn’t, then sit back and enjoy!

Alex M
Clean studio, great customer service and quality artists. Brilliant custom designs!

Keyla Gonzalez
Very honest people – I recommend 100%

Timothy Hoffman
Panumart Tattoo is an exceptional tattoo parlor. The customer service is superb and the artists are incredibly talented. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo while in Thailand, this is the place to go!