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About Panumart Tattoo

Panumart Tattoo is a family run shop with a friendly atmosphere.


We are dedicated to Quality, Safety and Satisfaction.

  • That means we strive to give you the best possible tattoo in Chiang Mai.
  • As a rule it’s our mission to keep you and our team safe during the tattooing process.
  • And satisfaction really means happiness to us. We are lovers of life who want to enjoy our jobs and show you a great time during your visit.
Panumart Tattoo is a family run shop with a friendly atmosphere.

The Story of Panumart Tattoo

We're the owners of Panumart Tattoo. That's Ahm and I'm Ryan.

That’s Ahm and I’m Ryan. We’re the owners of Panumart Tattoo.

It all starts with love

Hi, I’m Ryan from Panumart Tattoo and I’m here to tell you our story.

It all started in late 2016 when Ahm, aka Panumart, began a tattoo apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship she impressed her teacher so much that he hired her.

But truth be told, as the months went by I missed Ahm more and more, until one day I asked her to leave her job. I suggested tattooing in our home so that we could spend more time together. Little did I know that she would enlist me to work for her.

That is how Panumart Tattoo was born.

We invited guests into our home, showed them great hospitality, and Ahm gave them great custom tattoos.

Slowly word began to grow and within a year we had become one of the hottest tattoo shops in Chiang Mai.

Hospitality is a core value for us at Panumart Tattoo

Seeking new adventures

The idea of opening a proper shop in the city had long been on Ahm’s mind and my own. Before we were ready to pull the trigger, though, we would need to assemble a team. And as luck would have it the Panumart Tattoo team came together as if by fate.

Nate is a talented, creative and hard-working tattoo artist who also happens to be a real good guy and fluent in English.

The Go-Getter

One day Ahm and I were surprised by a visitor to our home. His name was Nate. We had briefly met him only one time prior.

He came to us  that day seeking advice on how to come up as a new tattoo artist. We could see how determined he was to learn, as he biked all the way to our far away home, so we invited him in.

We sat down together for an hour chatting and sharing advice. But once he left Ahm and I looked at each other, both thinking the same thing, Nate is a guy we wanted to work with.

Not only had he shown his hunger and eagerness to become a great artist, but he spoke perfectly fluent English, he was easy to speak with, respectful and had a history in business.

So Ahm and I pitched Nate the idea of working together and he jumped at the opportunity.

Friends, Family & Respect

All of us at Panumart Tattoo value happiness and quality work. None of us would simply be satisfied with a job. We all cherish coming to work everyday to spend time together in a happy environment where we can express ourselves artistically.

We cherish that guests such as yourself allow us the opportunity to work on your skin. And we are grateful for your visit as it allows us to support our families and do the things we love.

With that said, we invite you to join us and hope that we can have great times together.

Ryan and the Panumart Tattoo Team

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