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We all dream of becoming a better version of ourselves. That's why we travel. That's why we tattoo. At Panumart Tattoo we'll hurt you, but we'll leave you happy for a lifetime.

Are you ready to make your change?


Welcome to Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai 😊


My name is Ryan.

My wife, Ahm, and I own Panumart Tattoo.

And at this moment I want to tell you about our special....

No Regret Guarantee! 💯
We understand that you're many miles/kilometers away from home.

You're on a trip of a life-time.

You've got a budget you have to keep in mind.

You've decided to make a change to your body.

A change that will last a lifetime.

And honestly...

Getting a tattoo in a foreign country can be an intimidating or scary experience. 😳

Since you don't speak Thai, you don't know if the artist will understand what you want.

And you're not sure how clean things will be at the tattoo shop. 💉

Basically, you don't want to ruin your trip with a bad tattoo!

And here is where our "No Regret Guarantee" comes in:

At Panumart Tattoo we promise to give you a tattoo you'll love ❤️
✓ We speak English

✓ We're happy to work within your budget

✓ Tattoos start at 1,000 baht!

✓ Our hygienic practices were designed and reviewed by doctors from America

✓ We care about you and your skin (A LOT!)

Hundreds of people have visited us and left us nothing but 5 star reviews.

Below you can read what some happy customers had to say about us:


  • Nothing lost in translation with Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai!!

    By far the best experience I have ever had with a tattoo artist.

    After I made several modifications to my original idea (to the point where I felt I was being unreasonable) Ahm sat with me and patiently crafted my dream tattoo. My tattoo has many special meanings to me & Ahm meticulously & diligently worked SO hard on it for me.

    Superior customer service; she takes pride in her work and it shows.

    Her shop is cozy, friendly and her practices are very HYGIENIC & CLEAN.

    I gave her a shot while visiting Chiang Mai from Canada as I saw her talent & wanted to support a local, budding artist. I also wanted to be treated like a person who mattered.....not the "same-same" lol that you get at larger shops that treat you like a number. Look no further - after researching......I'm telling you....from a nervous perfectionist myself.....go see Ahm!!!! Thanks Ahm & Ryan !!!!

  • I loved my experience here! got my first tattoo here and they really took care of me and my ideas- guiding me through every step!

    I’m also the most indecisive person but they were really patient in that they allowed me to keep making changes until the very last minute. Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate it and also completely in love with the work you’ve done on me!!

  • I've been to quite a few tattoo shops over the past years but none have been as professional as Panumart tattoo.

    Ahm is a great artist and Ryan made sure none of my questions were left unanswered. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you both again for the amazing tattoo!

  • Some people are just born with a talent and Ahm is one of them.

    When in Chiang Mai I researched for an artist to get my tattoo done and when I saw her artwork, I knew she could pull it off. Ahm is patient and detail oriented , and made sure that the changes we made in the original idea was everything I was hoping. When she sent me the drawing finalized I almost cried, it was everything I was expecting and more. That was also when I firmed the idea of getting a bigger tattoo because until then I was still not completely sure. It turned out to beautiful!!!

    You will have no regret to choose Ahm as your tattoo artist. Also, her husband was very helpful as I arrived at the shop with my backpack and no plans. He helped me book my bus ticket and got me food. What else could I have asked for !? This was an amazing experience where Ahm and Ryan made me feel completely at home. Thank you !

  • Words can’t describe how great my experience was at Panumart Tattoo.

    Initially I only had an idea of what I wanted to get, and after speaking to Ryan he made suggestions and from there we ended up agreeing to a piece. Originally, I was expecting to get a back tattoo but due to time constraints on my part it would have been a two person job. Ryan and team were upfront and after sleeping on it I decided to go with an arm piece.

    Ryan and Ahm will make you feel at home, they took great care of me. I even fell asleep multiple times during my session, Ahm has such a gentle touch and is highly skillful at her craft. I hope the best for both of you, and should you be in Tampa, reach out to me. I will love to get to see you guys again.

    I would recommend Panumart above all else, as the service and professionalism are superb. I had such a great experience and love my tattoo. You guys done such a great job that my wife forgave me for taking time out of our vacation to get a tattoo. Also, I want to mention the aftercare product used by this shop is awesome, my tattoo is healing great, and I get so many compliments from friends and family.

  • Having visited the ‘mainstream/generic’ tattoo shops around the city, we knew we didn’t want to get our tattoos done in a shop full of drunk people, tattooed by ‘artists’ who don’t really care. We found Panumart online and visited them after reading their 100% 5 star reviews.

    Words cannot explain just how outstanding the service is and how happy we are with our tattoos.

Our team of professionally trained artists are ready to Tattoo Chiang Mai!

Click on an artist to view their portfolio.

Our Tattoo Inks

We are dedicated to using only the highest quality tattoo inks. No costs are cut nor safety measures missed, as it is our mission to keep you safe while giving you the best tattoo in Chiang Mai.
Quality & Safety First
All of our inks are made in the USA or England, using only high quality ingredients. The inks we use are rich ink color and packed with pigment (ensuring that our artists‘ work looks great on you for a very long time). They are tested rigorously for safety. Additionally, these inks are sterilized and bacteria-free.

Vegan Tattoos

To all of our vegan friends out there, we at Panumart Tattoo offer a variety of vegan-friendly tattoo inks, such as Intenze, which is very proud to never test their product on animals. We are also proud to carry Electric Ink, Eternal Ink, Dynamic Colors, Radiant Colors and Fusion Ink, which all contain no animal products.
Now vegans traveling to Chiang Mai can enjoy the city’s delicious food, visit an elephant sanctuary AND get a tattoo 😉

Tattoo Prices

Tattoos start at 1,000 baht.

How much do tattoos cost?

The average price of tattoos in our shop is around 5,000 baht.

Prices range a lot, though, depending on:

  • Size
  • Detail
  • Color

For 1,000 baht you can get a very small, minimal tattoo.

For a full-back tattoo you can expect to pay around 60,000 baht.

The best thing you can do is message us so that we can tell you how much the tattoo you want will cost.

Are you traveling with a budget?"

Just let us know what you’re looking to spend and we’ll do our best to make you happy.

Tattoo Hygiene

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. And your safety is our primary concern.

Our hygienic protocol was developed by two medical professionals from the United States.

Following a hygienic protocol for safe tattooing is an essential step we take to protect both you and our artists from infections and infectious diseases.

Here is how we handle tattoo hygiene:



First and foremost we maintain a very clean shop.

Clean Hands

Before readying a workstation or starting a tattoo, the tattoo artist will cleanse their hands with alcohol and then put on a fresh new pair of nitrile gloves.

In addition to this, the artists have been trained how to prevent contamination of bodily fluids during the tattoo. For instance, if they need to move a light they know to take off their gloves and cleanse their hands using an touch-free alcohol gel dispenser before touching any clean surface.


Physical Barriers

A physical barrier of plastic wrap is applied to every piece of furniture, machine and accessory in the work station. This barrier prevents bodily fluids from coming into contact with these surfaces.

As an extra precaution, each surface area is cleaned with alcohol or a chemical cleaner following every tattoo.


Needles & Inks

All needles are brand new, still packed in their sterile packaging.

All tattoo inks are name-brand, such as Eternal, Dynamic, Fusion and Intenze. All used ink is disposed of and never re-used because that would be a terrible thing to do.


Chemical Cleaning & Sterilization

All tattoo equipment is treated with chemicals after use to ensure that they are safe for use. Additionally, tattoo guns are then sterilized with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

Antibacterial Green Soap for Tattoos

Before, during and after the tattooing process our artists apply name-brand Green Soap to sanitize the skin. The sanitary soap is applied to the skin via a spray bottle, so that it never gets contaminated.


Proper hygiene doesn’t end when the artist finishes your tattoo. No. To keep safe the tattoo must be well-protected during the first week of healing. To ensure your safety we apply a special tattoo aftercare wrap that is water-proof, anti-microbial, breathable and that enables faster healing.

As you can see, if you want to tattoo in Chiang Mai, Panumart Tattoo is the right place for many reasons.

Want to tattoo with us?

Or talk about a tattoo you’re interested in?

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